Top 08 Crypto News You Must Know

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Week 20,Dec 2022

No. 01

Ethereum Bulls Wake Up After Four Years To Transfer 22,982 ETH 

No. 02

Government Agencies Need Crypto Wallets And Access to Exchanges, russian Prosecutors Say

No. 03

$4B OneCoin Scam Co-Founder Pleads Guilty, Faces 60 Years Jail

No. 04

Nigeria Set to Pass Bill Recognizing Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

No. 05

Web3 privacy Layer Aztec Raises $100 Million in Series B Funding Round to Produce An Encrypted Version Of Ethereum

No. 06

Israeli Court Rules Authorities Can Seize Crypto in 150 Blacklisted Wallets

No. 07

350 new 'Scam Tokens' Were Created Every Day This Year: Solidus Laps.

No. 08

Us Senate Banking Chair Floats Possibility Of Banning Crypto

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